4 Week Golf
Performance Plan

Train like A Golf Athlete


Closed chain mobility flows and ground based movements are the gateway to better golf performance. Understanding how to generate power from the floor, transferring power in your swing, staying pressurized without leaking power, and increased club head speed all come from maximizing your mechanical advantage of your body and becoming aware of how to drive more efficient patterns that transfer into a better swing!

It's time to trash your old gym technique!

It’s time to change the way you train golf performance in the gym, and it all starts with quality of movement. Everything from sequencing in your swing to club head speed all come down to your body understanding the fundamentals of movement. This plan was designed to teach the five principles necessary to drive any good golf performance plan.

Program description:

The program is 4 days/week with each day having a different multi-planar focus and mobility focus: a canister effect.  Optimal activation of the canister helps create a better pressure gradient in which one can create better stability, strength, and power from. This ensures their are no power leaks so maximal driving distance and decreased risk for injuries can occur.

Day 1: Total Body Push/Pull (Mobility Focus: HIPS)

This day is a total body focus to get the body ready for the rest of the week, be ready for some push/pull patterns and Hip mobility drills in the middle of the session where it feels part of the workout.

Day 2: Lower Body Power (Mobility Focus: Tspine/Ankles)

This day is the power day for the lower body. Will spend some time prepping the body for some dynamic movements and at the end of the workout will have a recovery period to bring the system down.

Day 3: Rest Day

Day 4: Upper Body Power (Mobility Focus: Lumbar Spine)

This day is the power day for the upper body. Big focus on making sure the upper body is prepped and activated for some compound movements. A recovery period after the working sets to ensure that the body recovers properly for the last workout day.

Day 5: “Golfish” Day (Mobility Focus: Shoulder Mobility)

On the final workout day, the goal is to activate your body for the weekend golf round. Want to avoid soreness, tightness and not have any affect on the golf swing. Working on rotation movements, body weight movements and medicine ball patterns.


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